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Our Story

We want to make it easy for you to sustain your reading culture, and if you haven’t discovered the joy of reading, we hope you’ll find a category that would change that.

Books can take you to faraway places, give you the skillset to climb the corporate ladder or even catch your dream guy. They can be your motivation to live, to grow spiritually and be a better you.

We really believe that by reading more, we can all be empowered to transform our Africa.

Never stop learning!


“Every book bought helps fund a child’s education”

In addition to providing a wide selection of new and used books, Africareeds is actively engaged with partnering with charities and non-profits to embark on literacy projects that impact the next generation of African children. Below are some statistics that drive us to make a difference.

We’re open about our commitment to literacy projects.

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Half of our revenue from sales of used books goes into funding literacy projects.


Good Education Breaks the Cycle of Poverty

At, we are committed to improving lives and the chance for economic, social and political freedom through literacy. We believe that a good education can help break the cycle of poverty. That’s why a percentage of our profits go into funding literacy projects and sponsoring scholarships across Africa.

With one book at a time, we will impact our world!

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Literacy Projects

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